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Amazing to me where this will lead...

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As someone who's followed Ross for years and taught Machine Learning at the graduate level, I think SpeedSecrets.ai is a great way to use this new technology to make Ross more accessible to new generations of drivers. Meeting your target market via their medium of choice helps make this knowledge more relevant and accessible. I do raise a general concern about how outputs of LLMs are often interpreted by users as "real" knowledge - LLMs are not knowledge bases; they simply provide sequences of words based on a statistical analysis of the prompt against the data it's been fed. The reason ChatGPT's output seems so real is because it's giving us word sequences that follow the patterns of what we expect to read. It's actually pretty good at correcting grammar and summarizing larger blocks of text, but ChatGPT is notorious for making things up and presenting them as "facts," something that it seems Ross discovered. This is why so much effort needs to be focused on devising prompts which plumb the depths of what the LLM has been fed. Kudos to Ross and Jesse for your appraoch in setting up SpeedSecrets.ai using the SpeedSecrets books as primary knowledge base; I hope that you'll also work towards providing guidelines on how to make best use of the tool via the careful construction of useful prompts.

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I think AI developed the way you did...with a single source and/or an approved collaboration...could work for the technical aspects...the what, where, when, whys of racing, but I wonder how or if it could handle and deal with the emotional and psychological components that are unique to each driver. I have my doubts.

AI may come close to getting the objective/technical stuff correct and maybe...MAYBE...make the human role of coaching and training less critical but I don't think it'll ever get the subjective/emotional stuff done as well as a good coach can provide.

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Hi, my life has always been immersed in the world of sports and entrepreneurship. But nothing prepared me for the whirlwind of emotions and challenges when my own son started competing in karting races, not just around the USA, but also in the picturesque tracks of Italy. It’s one thing to be a sports coach, but it’s an entirely different ballgame when you’re coaching your own flesh and blood.

Being an entrepreneur, I have a knack for identifying problems and coming up with solutions. As we plunged deeper into the professional racing circuits, the need for a systematic approach to our son's training became apparent. There was so much data – his feedback after every race, the nuances of every track, his physical and mental state – that needed to be recorded, analyzed, and utilized for improving his performance.

That's when the seed of an idea took root. Drawing inspiration from the insightful techniques discussed in the book "Speed Secrets", I envisioned an app tailor-made for this purpose. An application that would act as a repository of data from every practice session, every race, and every piece of feedback. But more than that, it would be a tool to sharpen my son's mental acuity, making him more aware of his surroundings, his machine, and himself.

Once the basic framework was in place, the next logical step was to add an analytical layer to it. And what better tool to turn to than ChatGPT? By feeding all our data into ChatGPT, we started to get astute tactical suggestions for upcoming races, giving us an edge over competitors. The results were nothing short of phenomenal.

Recognizing the potential of such a tool, I tailored a custom version for an elite Italian Karting team. The feedback was overwhelming! With all the invaluable data at their fingertips, the team was able to devise strategies like never before.

What started as a personal project has now transformed into a cutting-edge tool for coaches worldwide. Whether you're right at the track or halfway across the world, this app ensures that you're never too far away from your team or athlete. Every piece of data, every feedback, every strategy is now available instantly.

Our journey from the racetracks of the USA and Italy to the screens of coaches worldwide is a testament to the power of innovation and passion. It's been a ride of a lifetime, and as every race flag waves, it signals not just the end of a race, but the beginning of countless possibilities. 🏁🏎️

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